The dominating passion in my life, which started with a boy's play with plastic aeroplanes, grew into a serious hobby and led up to my modelling today, which has a semiprofessional state. I do a lot of reviews for Magazines and the industry, and travel far and wide to participate in international modelling competitions.

Models can be made of just about anything. Most modellers have a special field, which they prefer. I could never find my boundaries and this is why I build anything and have won trophies in all categories.

In my many years of competing I have met a lot of people and fellow modellers, who have inspired me imensly and I made a lot of friends. Some of the world's best modellers I am lucky to call my friends

In these galleries I will present some of my work.

There is also a different kind of models, the ones in flesh and blood ;-)

In my work as a newspaper photographer I meet a lot of young women, which have sweet model dreams. In order to present themselfes in the best manner a portfolio is a first step on such a way. I our studio we are fully equipped to stage photo sessions as the ones presented here- Enjoy!

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