the photographer

Albert B.M. Tureczek, born and raised in Austria, educated as a dental technician in Zürich / Switzerland. Living and working in Aarhus / Denmark since 1980. I am still working in my profession and have been photographing for just as long.

Working with NIKON D-2h- D2Xs - D-3 and original NIKKOR lenses.

Since 2008 attached to AARHUS STIFTSTIDENDE, a lokal newspaper, as a freelance photographer. This has given me a lot of experience and a lot of contacts and last but not least a lot of pictures.

Own photo studio since 2009 in the attic of an old stable building

All my spare time beside this goes into building models of all kinds, shapes and categories. My modelling carreer started at the age of 9 and this makes it 45 years of modelling. I have won 126 national championship titles in 14 countries so far and I am writing articles about this for English, German and US magazines. AFV MODELLER, AIR MODELLER, MAX MODELLER, FINE SCALE MODELLER , HELICO REVUE and MODELL FAN beeing the most important ones.

Kerosene I got into my blood at my birth since my whole family was in one way or another involved in the airline business. My brother with SWISSAIR, my sister with AEGYPT AIR, my mother with AIR CANADA and my father with AUSTRIAN AIRLINES. When I was a kid we lived in a house just next to the runway of Salzburg Airport. I stood there and watched the big turbo props, many of them the beeing “the Connies“ (Super Constellation) came roaring by. Military Aviation has fascinated me just as long and if I could not get to fly these things I had to build them at least. This childrens play with plastic became much more than a hobby and today I do this semi professional.

When my modelling took off, I wanted to have good photographs of my models and I got professional photographers to shoot my treasures. But the result just never satisfied me and somehow I was unable to communicate my viewpoints the the guys who did their best. After that there was only one real solution: I had to learn to do that by myself. That is how I became a complete autoditact photographer

The transition from shooting models to shooting everything else went very smooth and my photographic evolution ranges from the days, where I occupied the families bathroom for hours to roll black and white film on their cartridges to today where I am working with State of the Art professional digital equipment.


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